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Gail Shak, Ph.D.
405 Primrose Road
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Burlingame, CA 94010
(650) 375-1588
License: PSY 10401


Healing for Healers — Personal and Work-Related Fulfillment for Healthcare Professionals

To say that careers in the healthcare industry are strenuous and demanding is to make an understatement.

Physicians and other healthcare professionals commonly suffer from emotional distress, exhaustion, job stress, and burnout. They sometimes experience troublesome relationships, and can even have problems with drugs or alcohol.

Counseling and psychotherapy can help physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers improve the quality of their personal and professional lives, as well as their relationships with family members, coworkers, and patients.

While working on my doctoral dissertation on the personal well being and job satisfaction of healthcare professionals, I experienced first-hand how healthcare professionals needed and benefitted from counseling and psychotherapy.

After completing my dissertation, I began to receive referrals of both individuals and couples from hospital Employee Assistance Programs and Physician Wellness Programs. It became increasingly obvious to me that my understanding of this profession's demands, combined with my own work in medical settings, specifically equipped me to provide support and treatment to medical professionals.

Many healthcare professionals report that they lack balance between their work and family life, and most feel there's never enough time to get everything done. Many also feel worried about marital relationships or relationships at work.

The counseling and psychotherapy services I offer to medical and healthcare professionals can help you achieve better balance, improve your communication skills and your relationships, resolve workplace conflicts, and develop personal strategies for stress reduction.

Help is available to address issues about the work you do and the ways in which it impacts your life. Just because your work is devoted to helping others, doesn't mean you don't deserve to help yourself!

I encourage you to contact me with your questions about how the counseling and psychotherapy services I offer can help you or to schedule an appointment. You may reach me by phone at 650-375-1588, or by e-mail at

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