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Questions For You

Are you dealing with depression, anxiety or stress?

Is communication with your partner causing conflict in your marriage?

Do you want to feel more confident, content, and have better relationships? And are you seeking compassion, respect, and warmth in a therapist?

A Goal-Directed Approach To Improving Your Life

Depression & Anxiety

  I use a variety of methods, including supportive therapy and evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), as powerful techniques to achieve high-speed lasting change. Working together we will make things better.       


  For over 20 years I have helped countless couples resolve their conflicts. We work in the spirit of seeking resolution and improving communication. There is hope for your relationship.   

Enhancing Your Abilities

  My work is based on my optimism about people’s abilities to master their problems in life and on respect for the individual. You can depend on my insight, experience, and compassion. Together we can work to turn your life around and to achieve piece of mind.  

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I am a licensed psychologist (PSY 10401)

I am committed to providing psychotherapy for individuals and couples seeking tools for change.

I work with people who are dealing with depression, anxiety and relationship issues.

I am affiliated with Mills Peninsula Medical Center, and received my training at Columbia University and New York University.

Peninsula Psychotherapy with Gail Shak PhD

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